What is the Bible?


The Bible is the Christians' Holy Book. It is made up of 66 books which were written by many different people over many years.

Christians believe that the Bible writers were inspired by God and that the Bible is God's word.

The Bible tells us what God has done and how he wants us to live.

Christians find that that when they pray and read the Bible God often speaks to them through what is written there.


The Bible is in two main parts. The Old Testament tells of how God made the world and all that is in it, how people disobeyed God and became parted from him, and how God chose the Children of Israel to be a special people for him, and what he did for them.

The New Testament tells the story of Jesus and why he came into the world to die for us. It also tells the story of the early church and contains letters to Christians. The first 4 books are records of the life and teachings of Jesus, and are called the Gospels.

It is important for Christians to read the Bible and to meditate on it and let what it says sink into them. By reading the Bible we find out more about God and Jesus and more about how we should live.

It is easiest not to start at the beginning of the Bible and read all the way through. We suggest reading the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John first. These tell the story of Jesus and the things he said. Acts tells the story of the early Christians.

The Bible was first translated into English many years ago, and the English of the early translations is not easy to understand today. It is better to get a version in modern English if you can, or if English is not you own language try to get a Bible in your own language.


Moslems  know the Gospels as the Injil.  The Koran refers to it in Surah the Dinner Table 5:46 and 66:   "We gave Isa the Injil in which was guidance and light and the gospel that they would be showered with blessings"



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