How do I become a Christian?


You do not have to do a lot to become a Christian - Jesus did it for you when he died on the cross. But it makes a big difference to your life as you need to put your life under his control.

God made us to be in contact with him, but we have all done bad things which means that we cannot come close to him. The badness in us means that we are cut of from God and it means that we are headed for death. The only way that the badness can be forgiven is for the penalty to be paid, and that penalty is death. Christians call the badness in our lives sin.

Because God loves us so much he came into the world he had made in the form of a man, Jesus Christ. Jesus is called the Son of God because he is more than just a man, and more than just part of what God has created. He is a combination of God himself living in a human body.

Jesus lived a perfectly good life (which nobody else could do) and then allowed himself to be killed by being crucified. When he did this he died to pay the penalty for our badness instead of us having to die. Because of this we can be forgiven by God.


If you want to become a Christian:

1. Believe that there is a God, and that He came into the world in the form of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to die for us.

2. Admit to God that you are in need of forgiveness and that you are sorry for the bad things you have done.

3.Ask Jesus to become Lord of your life


A prayer you might like to say is:

"Thank you Jesus for dying for me. I am sorry for the bad things I have done.

I believe in you and want to be one of your followers. Please forgive me and come into my life as Lord."


That is all that you have to do. If you are sorry for the bad things you have done and are willing to do your best to follow Jesus and do what He wants God will forgive you. More than that he will consider you as a son (or daughter) and will also send his Holy Spirit to live inside you. He gives you a new life, starting today.


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